I tell people that I love my therapist! I can’t wait for my next session-I am learning so much about myself and how to manage some challenges in my life right now. I have felt better since the first session when she helped me put everything in a new perspective and set me free from a long slump.

Jennie is a Yoda in the backpack of super stars!

Thank you, Jennie, for providing me with the support to develop my confidence. It has been immense and, since the first session, I have learned to look at every day with a positive, sunny mindset. I will be in touch if ever I need more of your words of wisdom and positive support.

After completing a Raw food cleanse with Jennie my life has completely turned around. My irrational moodiness and negative emotions leveled out and I felt instead a real clarity and contentment. I lost 11 lbs. and now, even after deviating somewhat over the past few months — I am still being told how healthy and young I look! I’m sixty-one — that’s exciting!

I was recently diagnosed with Cancer and was very frightened. Jennie assisted me to take action naturally through eating an alkalizing diet, cleansing, teaching me the Budwig protocol, deleting my toxic relationships and following my own inner guidance. I now work with a Naturopathic Oncologist as well as my Physician and chose to not have surgery, radiation or chemo. Jennie shared her own Cancer healing journey which I found helpful and inspiring as she really got it! She never once told me what to do but simply shared information and supported me in making my own decisions. She would say – whatever choice you make- be there with all your heart. Very helpful- I am doing well and having fun too. So very grateful!

I have worked with Jennie by Skype and have found it to be so convenient as I travel a lot for work. I no longer see myself as anxious but sensitive and harmonizing and have learned how to manage this, have better boundaries and to listen to my own inner voice rather than priorizing the expectations of others. I tend to attract Narcissistic people and Jennie helped me realize that and coached me as I disengaged from them. I am happier than I’ve ever been!
So grateful to you Jennie!

I heartily recommend Jennie! I am unbelievably better, off my high blood pressure and anxiety meds, am 50 lbs lighter and training for my first marathon. Referred to her by a good friend concerned about my health, I never once suspected that such transformation was possible! Muchas gracias!

Jennie has helped my wellbeing, my reactions to emotions, and ability to take on life with a smile a tremendous amount. She has specifically lessened my anxiety in a range of situations and has never once doubted me. I always leave my sessions feeling 10 X better than when I came in. Through a combination of teaching, understanding and guidance from Jennie I have become a better version of myself. I am so glad for her involvement in my life and for everything she has helped me overcome!

I was in a dark place when I first met with Jennie. I have found her to be insightful, safe and authentic and, though a consummate clinician- our connection is warm and real rather than  clinical.

However intermittently I see her, Jennie’s insights are powerful, timely and essential.

All I can say – she’s the only therapist I’ve ever had on speed dial! I’ve learned so much- things like EFT- every issue I have brought we have worked through quickly and effectively. I can actually have a relationship with my mother now as I know where my boundaries are and can communicate them.