letsflourish-coachingCoaching is a deeper conversation about growing your capacity and becoming your best self. A powerful collaborative process of inquiry, discovery, goal setting, action and accountability that facilitates extraordinary results.

Transformational coaching includes:

  • growing your values into your mission
  • creating the map
  • learning strategies and tools
  • identifying and shifting beliefs and perceptions that hold you back
  • shift to a more potent and preferred mindset
  • incorporate new behavior
  • transfer these behaviors to every aspect of your life
  • watch yourself transform!

Work with me!

I understand that it is often difficult to know whether to  choose therapy or coaching. In our first conversation we can assess and decide together whether therapy, coaching or a signature blend is best for you.

Health Coaching

We are all complex! Associated with many clients’ emotional and situational concerns are physical manifestations of stress and longstanding habits. Conversations with regard to diet, weight loss, candida control and cleansing are immensely helpful. This can take the form of a dietary tweak, a short term thorough cleanse, an incorporation of new guidelines for your blood type or a fully raw vegan experience. For all of us, adding raw fruits and vegetables in the form of green smoothies, juices, delectable entrees, salads and deserts make us feel healthier and happier. Just diagnosed and on a healing journey? Want to become leaner, fitter, feel younger and more beautiful?

Activate your Within!

Whether adding more raw or becoming fully raw – I’d love to show you how!

“Get Glowing” Workshops

By Skype or for an in-person demo, I also create Get Glowing workshops for families and friends upon request.