It’s not our differences that get us into trouble, but the judgments we place on those differences.

True Colors is a non-threatening, dynamic vehicle for personal understanding of change. Its unique format helps individuals understand their own behaviour, skills, needs, and motivations. It provides user friendly language to create an understanding and recognition of our strengths and differences.

One of the greatest benefits of True Colors is its versatility. True Colors is now being used in corporate board rooms, a wide variety of educational institutions and in human and social service agencies with exciting results.

Benefits of True Colors

  • team-esteem building
  • identify strengths/skills
  • values identification
  • project-planning process
  • staff development needs
  • teaching/learning styles identification
  • facilitating communication
  • conflict/change management techniques
  • career development
  • building esteem with your family
  • design a harmonious culture in your new business

Celebrate Individual Differences! Are you … ?

curious green

responsible gold

adventurous orange

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