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Our response to current life circumstances depends fundamentally on our personal perspective which is based in our innate order of values. We develop a stress response when circumstances and our interpretation of those circumstances offend our values resulting in distress. This distress may take the form of anxious feelings, the development of chronic worry, depressed mood, loss of interest in things typically meaningful for us and lack of focus. At these times we can feel uncentered, fragile, negative and defensive and earlier issues may intrude as echoes of our past are triggered by present events. An assessment of current circumstances and symptoms is followed by identification of your order of values utilizing True Colors personality inventory. The immediate insight gained from this process continues into conversations about self-regulation and awareness which restores mastery, clarity, and the control thought lost. I also teach EFT, a mind-body trauma protocol which enables you to delete limiting beliefs, distressing emotions, patterns of behaviour, fears, phobias and habits which are hindering you from living the life you long for. My clients find working in this way direct, enjoyable, systematic and fast, enabling rapid recovery and attainment of significantly higher levels of satisfaction in happier lives.

Recipe For Successful Therapy*

  • Client motivated
  • Therapist flexible, intuitive, creative, compassionate and centered
  • Together good rapport, enthusiasm and mental expectancy. Therapy includes working comprehensively with the whole person, including underlying issues.
  • Therapist training and experience includes a solid foundation of a wide variety of methods to reach and affect the subconscious and restore rapport with the body.

*adapted from Randal Churchill